Tips to Planning an Adult Only Jamaican Vacation

Jamaica serves as an island destination loved by many and visited by travelers from around the globe. Those who travel to the tropical Caribbean island come with loved ones, kids, teenagers, husbands, wives, partners and friends. Because of the wide variety of individuals who choose Jamaica as their next vacation (sometimes time and time again) you’ll find that the island has designed its tourism industry to accommodate every single visitor’s wants and needs.

If you’re looking for an adult only vacation away from bustling groups of children running around, you’ll find that you can easily find that on the island. The key is to do a little research and planning ahead of your flights to find the perfect place to stay. To help you out a bit, here are some tips to planning your dream adults only island getaway.

Research adult only and all-inclusive hotels and resorts

One of the first things you’ll want to do when designing your Jamaican vacation is to look into the numerous all-inclusive and adult only resorts located around the island. These Jamaica all-inclusive resorts are the best option for couples who are seeking more peace and quiet than anything else. Because you’ll find more privacy here than anywhere else, these hotels are a solid choice for honeymooners looking for a romantic setting. You’ll also find that resorts with an all-inclusive status allow you access to pretty much anything you need, including restaurants, bars, shops and excursions straight from the resort itself, meaning that you’ll end up spending less time planning and more time enjoying.

Stick to private beaches

Though you may be able to escape children by staying in an adults only resort, the moment you leave the resort’s grounds you’ll find that you’re on your own. More often than not, you’ll find children and their families staying at a resort nearby, or even one right next door. This means that if you choose to venture outside of your resort to a restaurant or shop, most likely you’ll find a family at the same location enjoying their day. If you don’t mind having a few encounters here and there, then you’ll be fine. Otherwise you’ll want to stick to your chosen resort. This goes hand in hand with Jamaica’s beaches as well. Some of the higher end resorts come with their own private beach, meaning you’ll only bump into other couples staying at the resort. However, if you travel to a local beach, you’re sure to see tons of kids splashing in the waves enjoying their day.

Stick to private charters

Another great way to make sure it’s just you and another adult is to book private charters rather than shared excursions. This generally can be done when booking a deep sea fishing tour, a horseback riding excursion or a snorkeling/scuba diving adventure. If you choose to book a shared charter due to the decrease in price, just be prepared for the possibility of some kids on board as well.

Jamaican vacations are meant to be remembered. If you’re looking for an adult only adventure, following the tips listed above will make sure that your adventure is one worth telling.