Putting Down Some Roots in Virginia and Retiring Soon

When we had to move to Virginia because I got reassigned to a different base, my wife looked at apartments using an apartment finder for Lynchburg VA. We did not want to live really close to where I work. I do not mind a long commute. I wanted my wife to be able to be close to where she would get a job as a teacher. We are very happy her skills are portable to practically anywhere we move too. This time her job was a keeper. She told me that I should do whatever I can to retire at this assignment and not get reassigned to another state. I only had to finish out this year and I could retire. Then I would go into the private sector as an instructor. I could keep my pension and earn a full salary. Not a bad deal.

We found some really nice apartments looking at that apartment finder for Lynchburg VA. We wanted a nice comfortable place to live. We wanted a gated community and got it. We also got the nice big swimming pool and all the other nice amenities a quality apartment has. We have stainless steel appliances, a full size washer and dryer and huge walk-in closet space. We both really like not having to use a laundry room or, worse, a base laundromat. That stuff got weary back when I was a much younger man.

I am glad to actually be putting a few roots down here in Virginia. Our daughter lives here with her husband. She is only 20 minutes away from our apartment rather than being halfway across the country. We see her much more often now, and that is a great thing. This is especially true since she is expecting our first grandchild in a few months.