Making Sure to Get the Best Ice Maker

I recently needed to do a search online for best portable ice maker due to our upcoming annual trip to our cabin upstate. We only go during the summer months due to the poor condition of the roads during the winter. The first year we went we totally forgot to take something to make ice and the experience suffered because of it. Try drinking some beers that haven’t been iced down when it’s ninety degrees. It’s not fun. We were reduced to running to the local convenience store to pick up bags of ice. Considering that store is about thirty miles away, it really ruined the experience.

This year getting a portable ice maker was at the top of my to do list. I went online and immediately became swamped with the number of options available. We’ve all been there, right? Trying to make a decision becomes a maddening experience. I wanted a product that would last and could work out in the middle of nowhere. There were so many options I just couldn’t decide until I found a blog that really gave me the skinny on what would and wouldn’t work. I could just imagine getting an ice maker, driving up to the cabin, and having the darn thing conk out in the middle of our stay. Then it would be back to driving to the store for bags of ice. Not a good option.

The blog I found online gave a great breakdown on what my options were, much better than anything else I found, and I soon made a decision and purchase. I’ve tested the product out here in various situations and it works like a charm. We’re all looking forward to carting it up the cabin and being able to have nice, chilled drinks during our stay. It’s going to make the trip much better than last year.