Putting Down Some Roots in Virginia and Retiring Soon

When we had to move to Virginia because I got reassigned to a different base, my wife looked at apartments using an apartment finder for Lynchburg VA. We did not want to live really close to where I work. I do not mind a long commute. I wanted my wife to be able to be close to where she would get a job as a teacher. We are very happy her skills are portable to practically anywhere we move too. This time her job was a keeper. She told me that I should do whatever I can to retire at this assignment and not get reassigned to another state. I only had to finish out this year and I could retire. Then I would go into the private sector as an instructor. I could keep my pension and earn a full salary. Not a bad deal. Continue reading “Putting Down Some Roots in Virginia and Retiring Soon”

Making Sure to Get the Best Ice Maker

I recently needed to do a search online for best portable ice maker due to our upcoming annual trip to our cabin upstate. We only go during the summer months due to the poor condition of the roads during the winter. The first year we went we totally forgot to take something to make ice and the experience suffered because of it. Try drinking some beers that haven’t been iced down when it’s ninety degrees. It’s not fun. We were reduced to running to the local convenience store to pick up bags of ice. Considering that store is about thirty miles away, it really ruined the experience.

This year getting a portable ice maker was at the top of my to do list. I went online and immediately became swamped with the number of options available. We’ve all been there, right? Trying to make a decision becomes a maddening experience. Continue reading “Making Sure to Get the Best Ice Maker”